Company’s history and profile


EXIMTRADE Trading Ltd. Co. was founded by three private persons at the end of 1990. The subscribed capital is HUF 3 million.


At the beginning our main activity was arranging assembly works for foreign companies in Hungary. We had and have good relationship with not only different small and bigger firms but some big ones as well who are active in the electronic industry. Later on we widen the choice of goods both in import and export. Nowadays we make special import for our partners’ demands such as raw materials, semi-finished products, spare parts and machines and especially meet the requirements of the manufacturers producing transformers and inductive components.


We are mainly dealing with the following products in Hungary:


1.   Ruff GmbH, Germany, manufacturing toroidal, linear, spiral winding and wire twisting machines.

2.   Cosmir s.r.l. (member of Ruff Group), Italy, manufacturing pin insertion, lamination insertion and transformer welding machines, solder pots.

3.   Altic Sarl, France, manufacturing mechanical and electronic wire tensioners, tension meters.

4.   Weisser Spulenkörper GmbH & Co.KG, Germany, manufacturing plastic bobbins and boxes for transformers.

5.   Arlon Material for Electronics, USA, manufacturing electronic substrates and microwave materials (PCB laminates and prepregs).

6.   Ritz Elektromaschinen- und Apparatebau GmbH, Germany, manufacturing cables and wire strippers and brush machines for enamel-insulated wires and strands (Abisofix, Abisobrush).

7.   MICEL Electro, France, manufacturing flexible insulating materials, resins and varnishes, electrical addhesives, cables, sleeving and tubing, special products.

8.   Keramische Folien GmbH, Germany, manufacturing oxide and non-oxide technical ceramics and leading specialists in ceramic films which are used in microelectronics, thermal management, filtration and sensor technology or SOFC fuel cells and LTCC technology.

9.   Hartke Wickelsysteme e.K, Germany, second hand winding machines, accessories and spare parts.

10.   Uchiya Ireland Ltd., Ireland, thermal protectors and switches.

11.   B.F. Elettromeccanica, Italy, manufacturing foil winding machines.

12.   AEM Cores Pty Ltd., Australia, manufacturing machinery for UNICORE transformer cores.

13.   jb Capacitors Co., China, Hong Kong, manufacturing capacitors (X2 MKP film, dipped MKT film, motor starting, electrolytic and high end audio).

14.   Core laminates (EI, M and special), split, toroidal and C cores for transformers from different manufacturers.

15.   Ferrite cores for inductive components, transponder coils, impeder cores for HF welding, chokes, coil formers, inductive components for lighting technology and automotive electronics, special transformers.

16.   Technical adhesive tapes and thermally conductive insulators.

17.   Neon lamps and vacuum electron tubes and accessories from Far East.


The owners of the company govern actively the firm and run businesses as well.




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